Big Table Data Not Appearing in UI

Hi All,

I’m looking for some help setting up Big Tables in my app.

I’ve started using Big Tables for use cases in which I anticipate there will be a large number of rows being creating by a user and in which that data doesn’t have to be accessed immediately…given the refresh constraint.

The current use case is individual user responses to questions/assessments being asked of them. The intent being to be able to analyze each response individually.

The Problem
Data housed in Big Tables that has a row owner does not appear on the layout/UI view for that owner.

Oddly enough there is one test users who’s data does appear. But I can’t find any logical reason why this is the case.


User table with relation to Big Table name ‘responses’

Any helps is much appreciated.

Thank you!

You can use a “Reload Query” action tied to your actions so that a table’s data can be reloaded without the user having to refresh their app.

Your screenshot doesn’t show what column(s) are being used as row owners. Can you clarify this?

Hi ThinhDinh,

Thank you so much for the response.

Glide support ended up helping me ID the solution although the problem is still a big of a mystery. I’ve included more detail below in case anyone else runs into this and needs a quick fix.

Thank you for the tip on the Reload Query action. I didn’t know this existed and I was getting concerned about having user refresh. This will be very helpful!

Details on the big table data display problem
~Context~: I need users to only access their own data.

  • When setting the source for the big table data to be displayed in the collection, there were three choices:
  1. Select the table directly (works in this case only because I have row owners set, otherwise it’s free game on all data)

  2. Select the Relation through the options beneath “This Item”

  3. Select the Relation through the the “User Profile”


I was using option #2. Glide support switched it to option #3 and suddenly the data displayed. Now I can switch back between any of these three and the data displays correctly.

Not entirely sure what caused this, but it’s working just fine now.

Hope this helps anyone that might run into the same issue.

If you’re building your screen on top of a table that isn’t your User Profiles table’s row, the “This Item” relation and the “User Profile” relation will be different. That’s my best guess with the screenshots you’re showing.