BIG TABLES: are these limitations still existing since the full release of BIG TABLES?

Limitations of Big Tables

There are some features in Glide that aren’t compatible with a Big Table. We’re working to reduce these limitations! For now, those unavailable features are:

  • Relations based on computed columns - the target column cannot be a computed column if it’s in a Big Table (but the source column can be).
  • Single Value and Joined List columns that target Big Table columns.
  • Multi Lookups into Big Tables (eg. Lookups via Multiple Relations or Lookups that target an entire Big Table column)
  • Filtering, sorting, and search by computed columns
  • Big Tables do not update between devices in real time. A refresh is necessary to update. For example, if one user makes a change, that change will not be visible to other users until they have refreshed.
  • A Big Table cannot be the User Profile data source

I linked your post to the Big Tables announcement, hopefully someone from Glide can clarify these. Will close this to keep the discussion to the main thread. Thank you!