Can’t submit form without interacting with switch

Since yesterday it looks like if a switch is present you need to interact with it for the submit button to be tappable, even if the switch is not required. As opposed to the button just submitting false by default.

Interesting. I know there was some discussion about a switch actually having 3 states. On Off or Neither. In the sheet the cell can either have a true, false or blank. That was causing certain formulas to not work as expected.

@Abiv If you have a form with a Text Entry and a Switch, for example, can you submit if you only enter something in the Text Entry, or do you also have to interact with the Switch?

I have a note and looks like interacting with the note also activated the submit button, this seems similar to the bug last week, where you couldn’t submit a form that had only hidden fields.

I tried this out both in production and in staging. Staging seems to keep the submit button active, whereas production does not. As for what’s saved, I did 3 tests. I filled state in all three tests to get the Submit button to activate in production.

  • The first test, I did not touch the switch.
  • The second test, I turned the switch on.
  • The third test, I turned the switch on, then off again.

I’ve attached what shows in the sheet. When I try in staging with only the switch component on the screen, the submit button is active, but will not write anything to the sheet until you turn it on, or turn it on then off again. Seems in either case, you need to interact with the switch to get it to write either a true or false value.

Form screen in production environment.
Three test results from production environment.