Can I use filters with a Free Subscription version

I am getting strange lists returned when I use a filter in my Free Subscription

yes, filters works the same way in Free and Pro… you might wanna rethink how you structured your filter

How are you structuring your filter? What does your “strange list” look like compared to your desired outcome?

Thanks, maybe I’ll do a relationship

Thanks for the reply

Here’s what I’m doing

I’m viewing as instead of of actual email

My Reviews Sheet looks like this - 1 entry for

Review sheet.jpg

My Filter looks like this:
the From field is in the Reviews sheet and I’m camping it to the Email fields in the User Profiles sheet

Reviews filter.jpg

And this is what I get, everything but the egrofapps entry:

So I thought that maybe I have it the wrong way round for the filter but I get the same

I’m using a FREE version of Glideapps

Any thoughts?



Your third screenshot shows the filter set up with ‘is’, but your last screenshot shows ‘is not’???

can you show your User sheet ? or maybe you did not declare it yet?.. for me it looks like the User sheet is not defined yet

What action did you use to navigate to that screen?

Just a TAB to Reviews screen

do you have a designated Users sheet?

Will you be able to make your app copyable so we can have a look under the hood?

Thanks but it’s working today. I know I’m close to or the 1,000 sheet updates so maybe it wasn’t updating properly


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