Can I save the data entered in the form and use it as a filter in another component?

On a form, I’m taking a Date. On submit, I want to use the entered Date as a filter in the InlineList shown after form Submit. Screenshots attached.

Hey @Ruchika_Abbi, welcome.

Not yet, but we would like to be able to do this in future for sure.

You could probably do this type of filtering with the form submission in Google Sheets however. You could then show that list.

Hi Jack, Thanks for the quick reply. Can you please elaborate? I didn’t quite understand.
Do you mean after I submit on the Form component or Google Forms?
I want to be able to filter based on the Date I enter on the form in the screenshot attached.


Sorry, yes - that wasn’t clear. I meant Glide Form Button.

There would be a delay between the submission and it showing up in Glide as your data would have to do a round trip. In future, we’d like to make this possible and therefore much easier in Glide.

Ah, okay. Don’t think that might work for my requirement currently. :confused: The Inline list in turn will be taking some inputs using the Notes component. If I pick the Inline list from the filtered data, I may not be able to send the updates back to the original sheet.

Thanks for the help!

No worries then.

We are working super hard to make it possible to do all these things in Glide! :slight_smile:

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Just a thought on this, you could change the sorting of your list, so the newest items show on top. Then when you add an audit record, the newest would be be on top and easy to access instead of scrolling to the bottom.

This doesn’t solve the problem, but if the inline list shown is in the calendar format, it could help the users scroll down to the date and see the other audit records submitted for that date.