Can i make specific form field "editable if"

Can i make specific form field “editable if” based on the user profile settings?

You can set visibility conditions on components in a form based on the user profile. If you don’t want an entry component to be visible in a form, then set the visibility accordingly. In its place you can have a basic text component show instead.

Appreciate your kind respected reply.

Actually i want it visible but not editable. I did the visibility for few records at form, but one of them i need it visible but not editable.

Is their a way to do so in pages?

It won’t be editable as long as you use a non-editable component to display it.

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Like what please :pray:
I am slowly touching my steps here in Glide.

Text, Rich Text, Hint Text, Title, Headline, Big Number. Anything really, is long as it’s not some kind of editable entry component.

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