Can I downgrade GlidePro Private to Public Signin?

Although I think this question should be directed to sales departement, I think it’ll be worth it if I post this in forum.

So, atm I am on Private Pro plan: private signin using email in a tab sheet.
Recently, I realize that what I need is a public signin: can I do this in the current billing period?

Will I miss a lot of things here?

For that role based security, if what I want is just to hide/show some element based on a role column in profile, I will be just fine using a public signin, right?

And also, this pricing will be applied to only one single app, right?


Also, for public signin, from which tabsheet glide will read/write its user?
SORRY, got it: it’s in User profiles tab (was expecting this in Privacy settings)

What I think is when you downgrade, the difference between the plans’ price will get credited to your Glide account, which you can use for upgrading other apps. This is how it works for cancelling paid plans, so I think downgrading would work the same way.

Role-based security, like row owners, enable a pre-screening of rows that would get downloaded to the user’s device. Hence, people can only ever download rows that they have access to.

With the filter way, the rows that people don’t see still get downloaded to their device and there’s a chance they can find a way to see those rows.


Also correct.