Can I configure automatic replies in the chat?

I want to configure automatic replies, like when someone type “hi” the app will automatically answer “what can I help you? Type: 1 - if you want to talk with the support 2 - if you want to ask for something” and then the person can choose just by the numbers.
I don’t know if it is possible but if it is please help me to configure.

Hi @Breath_app welcome to the community.

That’s not possible natively within glide.

You may want to have a look at something like this.

There are more I’m sure, just have a hunt around.


Are you open to using scripts?

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You might be able to embed a 3rd party chatbot within a webview component.
Not something I’ve ever done (or even considered), but it could be worth exploring.


Thank you, I’ll have a look

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Yeah, that’s a good alternative

Sounds like another thing to add to my app!

Here’s a good one to start, Mark.

Also you can try Landbot, but this looks better.

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