AI Chatbot

Is there a way to embed AI chatbot in glide apps?

Yes. You can use the webview component. To embed everything. However, if you’re talking about MAKING a chatbot inside of Glide, then sorry. That’s not possible and I don’t think it will ever happen. Glide is an app builder, not a chatbot builder.

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Will surely try it out .

Challenge accepted…


Are you… Are you making a chatbot with glide??

I will be after this game is done :slight_smile:

I do need the scenario. Are we looking at a chatbot for retail, scheduling, troubleshooting, payment info?

Using Template and visibility cond. A fake virtual Assistance chatbot.
But we can improve it more…

Google Dialogflow would work in webview i think.

Hmmm…Im wanting to build one in google scripts I think. not embedded. But you want a chat bot for technical assistance with the app?

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