🤯 Chatbot with Landbot.io!

Is it possible to add a chat bot to the mobile application created on Glide?
If yes, please send a link showing how to do this.

Have not seen this being mentioned anywhere, but I imagine it would be hard to implement with what we currently have.

I tried a landbot.io integration using webview but it wasn’t working.
:earth_asia: Please give us feedback: Web View



Mmmm - you can perhaps look into creating a html page with an iframe connected to Dialogflow.
Then use web-view to link it to that page.

Actually, I got it working with landingbot.io as per @Robert_Petitto’s suggestion.
I’m actually considering integrating it to my app. Thanks for that!

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If you press hi, it continues or stops and keeps thinking indefinitely??

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Ah - yes, that’s unfortunate.

Most chatbots interact with Google sheets (activechat, manychat, chatfuel etc)

You can pass parameters from glide to the chat with a template in glide passing parameters to the Chat in the url … mychat.com?name=John &lastname=Doe

You can save variables from chat to Google sheets and then use info in glide

If webview is not working use a normal button with link


Disclaimer: I have not tried this in production…only in staging

Recently tried using Landbot.io again and it seems to work within Glide webview!

Created a Landbot with Google Sheet integration:

Created a webview with the Landbot URL:

:exploding_head: THE RESULT:


That’s pretty cool! Does landbot has conditional logic?

They DO!!!

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Hello @Robert_Petitto ,

I was not successful, I mean, I was part, in my attempt here, to be able to incorporate with open web view, and it gets to open, but just click a button it crashes, it doesn’t load and the error.

Am I doing something wrong? :pensando:

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It seems to only work with the Webview component in Staging. @Daniel_Sweet is on the case! :male_detective:


I tried it with staging it works perfectly
Check it out



Yes, mine was crashing using webview, but now it’s normal.

How did you get him to start on your screen?

I had to put a button.

I used staging with staging there is a web view component

Yes, which one? it wouldn’t be open web view, I’m using it, could you describe how you did it?

I used a detail layout I removed all components and put only web view component these images should help


How you make WEBVIEW???