Can i embed my Chatbot into my App

Good day all, Please, can i embed my chatbot into my app or embed any other pop up into the app?

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You should be able to with a webview component as long as the site you are embedding does allow itself to be embedded.


Thank you…but how do I embed…which function on Glide column can I use

You use a webview component on the screen. You can use any column, such as a text column or a link column. All you are doing is storing the url for your chat bot in a column. Then the web view component points to that column that contains the url. You can even place the url directly into the web view component settings by selecting ‘custom’. Then you wouldn’t need a column at all.



Ok sir, but just one more confusion. You know, chatbots come with a code snippet like the one below, that’s the bot i want to embed in my app

  window.watsonAssistantChatOptions = {
      integrationID: "********-****-****-****-************", // The ID of this integration.
      region: "eu-gb", // The region your integration is hosted in.
      serviceInstanceID: "********-****-****-****-************", // The ID of your service instance.
      onLoad: function(instance) { instance.render(); }
    const t=document.createElement('script');
    t.src="" + (window.watsonAssistantChatOptions.clientVersion || 'latest') + "/WatsonAssistantChatEntry.js"

Your code wasn’t showing up in your post because it wasn’t enclosed in code blocks. I fixed that for you so it shows now. I also hid your ID’s. I’m not sure if you wanted those to be shared with everyone.

Looks like you are trying to embed JavaScript. Glide will not allow that. If the chatbot provides an iframe embed option, then that would maybe work better. If not, then in some cases you can iframe embed a seperate website that contains the script. If the script you provided above is the only option, then I would look into using a third party web host that can host that on an embeddable web page, and then try to embed that page into your app using the webview component.


Ya…you’ll need to find an embeddable chatbot…landbot is one such chatbot:


You could also find a web-page builder with an Embed Code function to embed the bot’s JavaScript, then use the url of that web-page in your webview component inside of Glide.


This works…I’ve done this with Twitter widgets before…


I tried Joonbot and it works well :slight_smile: