How to embed Zapier apps?

Zapier has its own way of making productivity apps, you can share them and embed them. But for example this doesnt give a chatbot in the web embed component. “refused to connect.”
Is that something Glide should solve or Zapier?

That would most likely be an issue on the Zapier side. There might be a special format of embed link that you need to use (just guessing as I know nothing about Zapier).

Those are the options:

Try copying the URL from the embed code, and use that.

There is more after that that leads to the direct page:

<script type='module' src=''></script>
<zapier-interfaces-page-embed page-id='clhk81aqs000ejp0ngdpu89jf' no-background='false' style='max-width: 900px; height: 500px;'></zapier-interfaces-page-embed>

hmm, tricky.
I was thinking it might be possible to insert that into a HTML template, use JavaScript to convert that to a URI, and then embed the resultant URI - but I tested that and it didn’t work (same error).

So I’m not sure - you might need to seek help/advice from Zapier. Do they have a user community?

Don’t know, I’ll have a look. Thanks. When I use this code with Softr it embeds without problems though.

yeah, I guess that Softr allows you to insert the whole embed snippet?
Whereas Glide will only accept a link - that’s a shortcoming of the Glide Web Embed component.

Yeah, that’s right.

In case you are looking for a chatbot there is a Zendesk integration. I haven’t tried it but the screenshots from the docs show a popup chat box

Is that a ChatGPT chatbot? That’s what I’m looking for.

Zendesk is one of the small virtual assistant popup windows you see on websites. It looks like it might be possible to integrate Zendesk with GPT.

There’s a nice zendesk popup widget for your GlideApp. If you could pull that off you’d have the slickest GPT bot going.

FYI there’s a second integration just like Zendesk… Intercom


Thank you!

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