For anyone looking for a chatbot solution

I frequent the SaaS Lifetime Deal (LTD) space every now and then. Came across Botstar.

Works beautifully embedded in Glide (especially with the expanded webview working nicely). You can check out Botstar to see if it’s worth your while.

I’m using this for a number of use cases (in-app support mostly).

Hope this helps a few Gliders!


Nice find! Goodbye landbot!


My thoughts exactly!

Wow ! That looks great ! Thanks for sharing.

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This looks promising! How are you liking using it with Glide?

I see you have to purchase codes in order to increase sessions per month…so if I buy 2 codes, does that mean I have to input both codes under my one account in order to have more sessions per month?

Thanks - and great find!

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That’s right. You would stack how many ever codes you buy onto your account. After you purchase, they give instructions on how to redeem.

Best part about Appsumo is you can test the app and retfund within 60 days (whatever the reason) if it’s not what you need. I’m loving it so far - so I won’t be refunding this one.


Awesome! Thanks so much for the reply!

The website integration is attractive and now that you’ve said it works with Glide’s webview…guess I know what I’ll be doing today! :nerd_face:


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This looks beautiful @Lisa ! Thank you for the tip.

But how did you embed Botstar in WebView?

The JS script didn’t work.

So I tried to embed as a full screen page on my website:

But then the content is blocked in Glideapp WebView. Any ideas?


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You can’t embed javascript in a Glide app.
The webview component just uses the url to an external page. It looks like you tried that by having the webview point to you website. It may not be working because you are using http instead of https. Try changing the url in your webview to https. Otherwise some sites don’t work well with webview, so I may have to refer back to Lisa if that doesn’t work.


Jeff is correct, just add the “s” to http. Yours worked for when I tested.


Thanks Lisa and Jeff, you guys rock! :smiley: @Jeff_Hager @Lisa

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Wao :star_struck: great work… Nice

Please refrain from posting multiple times. Especially in these old threads. There’s no need to resurrect them.

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You are right, didn’t see the timing sorry!