Can I change my subscription from monthly to annually?

Hi, my name’s Joan and this is my first post.
I’m a psychologist and I’ve design an App with all my podcast about communication and personal growth.
I’ve paid to Glide for one month but I’d like to pay annually, Is it possible?

Sure thing! We will switch it for you.

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Do I need to do something?

Nope! I’ve just made the change to your subscription. Thank you.

hey i am trying to create a platform where people can promote their skills and CV for free. But there is tab that i reserve for events and Ads where i want whoever want to post an event or an Ad they have to pay in order to post it. is there a way for me to set up that buy button? i already connected it to stripe but i just can’t figure out to insert the buy button as part of the items when i click add(+) button

@Joseph_Nane may want to continue this in a relevant thread. Here is one with a suggestion:

Hi David,

I asked on the Costumer Service that too i need to change my app to annually can you change for me please.

Best regards.

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We’ve changed it. Thank you!

You will be able to do this yourself very soon.