Call API now in beta 🤝

Connect to any platform with Call API, now in beta.

Glide’s native Call API capability lets you connect to external APIs without routing through 3rd party tools like Make or Zapier. This direct connection means you can securely send and retrieve data for things like:

  • Pushing data from your Glide apps to other tools
  • Fetching information from external systems, e.g. device specs
  • Passing data between separate Glide apps

Refer to the Glide Docs for more details on getting started with Call API.

Call API goes hand-in-hand with Glide’s native JSON capabilities.

JSON is a common standard for working with APIs. You can construct and deconstruct JSON objects in Glide using columns in the Data Editor or actions in the Actions Editor.

Refer to the Glide Docs for details on working with JSON in Glide.

The Call API beta is available for teams on Business plans and above.

Want to give Call API a shot, but aren’t sure about upgrading?

Sign up for a 14-day Business plan free trial →


Is it still being rolled out? I have a Business plan trial but don’t see this option at all.

@J_Woosley - Under Integrations. I just added a screenshot to the main post for clarity. :+1:

Hey thanks but its still not there for me, and I’m on the Business trial. Does it have to be paid and not a trial?


Hi John, I also have a team on a business plan trial and the Call API column is there in my project.

Ideas to troubleshoot your issue:

(0) Double-check you are in the right team that indeed has a business plan trial.
(1) When adding a column, use the search bar and search for “Call API”.
(2) Or when adding a column, go to the “Integration” menu item, then “Call API” should be there.

See screenshot for options (1) and (2).

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Unfortunately, this was still behind the preview feature when we launched it today. We’ve since moved it out of preview, and it should be accessible to everyone.