Has the Generic API feature been moved to ONLY the $310/mo Business Plan?

I have a Legacy Pro account and I do not see the “Generic API” in the preview feature:

Has this been moved to only the higher end Business plan just a few months ago?

I got into Glide after watching @Robert_Petitto 's awesome tutorial on enabling subscriptions for users. I thought this would be possible under the Pro plan, but it looks like this wouldn’t be possible without being charged much much more?

Is there a workaround for a similar solution? Thanks in advance!

Yes, Call API is Business/Enterprise only.
For Team & Maker plans, you could get the same functionality using a combination of Trigger Webhook & Make.

For Legacy Pro, you should be able to do the same - as long as your App is not a Classic App (Classic Apps do not get most new features).

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This is such a pity. Can’t understand why a basic API is not available for the Team plan.

Hey Darren - just seen this. Looks like the basic API is in the Teams plan, no?

Yes, but that’s not what I was referring to earlier.

  • Basic API allows you to call the Glide API from some external source to Add/Edit/Delete rows
  • Call API allows you to make secure/authenticated API Calls from Glide to any external APIs

Two completely different animals :slight_smile:


Ah ok… thanks for the explanation. I have only used the basic API to date and I’m happy it is remaining as part of the Team’s plan…

Thanks for the clarification, @Darren_Murphy !

Would you mind explaining (or linking an existing tutorial) on how to use a combination of trigger Webhook & Make to achieve the same result as in Robert’s video?

Sorry I am quite new to this, and this may help others as well.

I’m pretty sure Bob has an earlier video on the same topic that uses Trigger Webhook & Make, but I’m not sure which one. Tagging him here, I’m sure he’ll link you up once he sees this.

cc @Robert_Petitto

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Those are the ones