🆕 Call API: call any API securely and return data back to your app instantly

With the new Call API action/column, you can now call any API and return data directly back into your app as fast as possible. You can enable it on your dashboard under Previews. It requires a Pro plan or above.

Fetching GitHub issues via their API

Call API will be the successor to:

  • Trigger Webhook, but you can send any payload to any endpoint. You can also use it in the data editor, and it can return data back into your app instantly. You can also delete Call API actions and columns when you don’t want them anymore :sweat_smile:
  • Fetch JSON, but it runs securely on our backend, so you don’t have to worry about CORS and you can add secrets/API keys securely. Results are also cached to save on cost and improve performance.

Combine it with JSON Object and Query JSON columns (under the JSON Columns preview) to up-level your JSON handling as well.

Please give it a try and share what you build!


Are headers encrypted/ passed securely?

Such a great news!

Yes @Robert_Petitto

:clap: :clap: :clap:

This will be big.


Instantly leveraged this new feature in my Classroom Reads app!

CleanShot 2023-08-11 at 18.42.22


Incredible, fantastic, excellent! Thanks!
But why? Why only on the pro-tariff?

Great improvement, no doubt… it even supports POST and DELETE!! :trophy:

Regarding the new Query JSON plugin (another great tool), would it be possible to rename it to Query JSONata or have some “JSONata” reference to make it different from the current Transform JSON plugin?

For novice users/developers, these 2 plugins can cause some confusion when someone needs to use a basic or advanced tool with different syntax.


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Works on Pro plan or above (Business & Enterprise) although I would have put it from the Starter plan.

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We plan to remove Transform JSON from search.


Thank you for always listening, this by far relief the API usage as well on Glide and rather than write back into the database instant response is always gonna be accurate


Looking forward to your tutorials on this :blush:

Ya…will need to think through them to make it approachable. I have a couple ideas. Just need time to get in front of the computer and knock em out!


Good because I have no clue where to start - this one is above my pay grade. Looking forward to your always-excellent instructions.

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Proof of concept…full tutorial to come!

Looking up Payhere subscription data securely and efficiently using Payhere + Make (just to grab the customer ID) and the new Glide API Column with a GET request to Payhere API:


You’ve switched to Arc??

Me and Jack helped converting him, I believe :joy:


Just for video demos…cleaner UI