Call API not working with Zapier Webhook

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My glide api code is not working with zapier and the glide support form won’t allow me to request support. Says my email is “invalid” even though it is the email associated with my business account. I paid the highest level for support and there is no way to get it. Please contact me.

How are you trying to get support?

If you have a Business Plan, you should be able to open a ticket via Settings->Support.

Did you try submitting a support ticket within Glide? That’s the preferred way and it will be associated with your account.

What error are you seeing? Call API should be compatible with any webhook.

Also, can you specify how is it not “working”?

I did try submitting a report ticket and that form will not accept the email address on my account. Says my email is “not valid” and won’t allow me to submit the form.

When I test or run the zip I get an error.
"Failed to create a request in Webhooks by Zapier

Error (HTTP Status Code: 400)"

This is how the form opens automatically. It pulls in my email from my account and says it is not valid. I deleted it and reentered it and it still says the same. The form won’t submit because of this error.

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Any update? I haven’t received any correspondence or information.

Can you show us some screenshots on how you’re setting up the flow in Glide and Zapier?

Disclaimer: This is just a fellow user trying to help, I’m not a Glide employee.

The set up has my api key so no, but I followed the guide and the video that was posted. The error occurs when the url is incorrect, however i used the url provided in the API code on Glide.

You can try blurring out the API keys, or temporarily replace them as X to grab a screenshot. I use this tool for my Mac.

When you say “API code”, do you mean you’re trying to create a step in Zapier that uses Glide, or do you create an action in Glide?

Hi Cory,

I’m looking into the ticket submission issue now. I’ll get back to you with more information soon.

Thank you for your patience.

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For others following this thread, the ticket submission problem went away. Going forward, please use it as your primary method for submitting issues to support.

You can access it from the dashboard or from within your app. In either case, including a Support Link goes a long way toward helping solve the issue faster. Loom videos showing details of what’s going on help a lot, too.

Glide Support

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Can you share some details on what went wrong here?

Around the same time (before and after), other tickets came in via the same form, so it seems to have been an isolated incident.

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