Calendar functioning after being published

Hello! After publishing my calendar web page changes or new data can’t be saved. What can be the problem?
Would appreciate your help!

Do you have a video or some screenshots of the problem?

Good day!
Thank you for your reply. I’ve made a few screen shots.
I can create an event. but once i add the details inside the event and click submit it won’t save. If i enter the event again no data saved. I have no idea why it is happening:(

Thank you in advance!

So you can create an event from that calendar view, but when the actual event is created, only the starting and ending time are saved and not the fields you marked with red lines?


Yes, ThinhDinh! Try
You can’t save anything during edit, not only Event name and participant also dates and can’t to delete.
Nelly_Gilyazetdinova be careful sharing data…

Thank you. It’s only a trial version with no valuable info. I wanted to implement this into my work and share with colleagues but it doesn’t work:(

Please submit a ticket here.