Help ! My page calendar component has a problem

This is the glide page i have created to test room reservation : TEST.
You are supposed to be able to add events, and it seems to be OK… Until you refresh the page ! No data are added, neither in a glide table nor a google sheet. What am i doing wrong ?
Thanks for your help !

can you manually add data through the glide data editor?

I can add data through the glide data editor and through the layout (?) window, no problem. In this example it’s a glide table, so no link with a google sheet…

OK, so it sounds like it not a google sheet issue, and instead a component issue.

You may want to submit a ticket to Glide support.

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HI Brice,

Hope you are well - i noticed you have been playing around with the calendar component - im busy exploring building my booking ability using the calender for a user to basically view a calendar with booked slots - basically the booked slots will represent times that the user will be able to allocate their names to…

Do you have any knowledge whether we are able to change the color of events on the calender / or alternatively make some events editable / some not?

any advice appreciated

Hi Ilse,
Color of the events can’t be change with a specific color, IMO. You can group the event, they will have the same color if they are in the same group. You can also chose the darkness/brightness of the color depending your page accent color.
You can make an event editable or not with conditions for your edit action.
This component is great, but would be awesome with more options !

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