Glide Pages Calendar Not Creating Events

I’m trying out Glide Pages, having some experience with Glide Apps. I was trying to create a Calendar View. I have a table for Events with Name, Description, Start Date and End Date. If I add an event to the sheet, I see it in the calendar. When I try to add an event via the calendar in the published page, it doesn’t add it to the sheet or the calendar. As soon as you refresh, the event is gone and no other users see it. Am I missing something?

Video here: Dropbox - - Simplify your life

Ideas to troubleshoot:

  • Check you are sending your data to the correct table
  • To the right columns
  • Columns are the correct type
  • Remove layout filters
  • Remove row ownership

Confirmed that

  • the tables are correct
  • Columns are correct
  • Types are correct date and time for dates and time
  • No layout filters
  • No Row Owners in use

Can you provide a screenshot of the Events table (from the Glide Data Editor) that includes the column headings please?


I even tried setting it to a text type to see if that’s what it wanted