Calculator without login or other solution?

This is the case: a client working in/for a hospital wants to make a really basic calculator for patients that helps them with right doses (volume/hours is the main thing). I know how to make that with signed in users. I assume it isn’t (what if there are a lot of users … ) But is this possible as well without signing in? It’s not necessary to know who they are for this, that’s why. Or is there another solution privacy wise?

Mmm I seem to have it working, but will this work as well when 2 different people do math on their own end?

Are you using a working table with user-specific columns? I think I’ve seen posts that indicate USC work even if someone is not logged in.



Case in point, this app doesn’t require you to sign in.

Goed to know! Thanks!

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In your app (previous Glide I assume) I see this:
CleanShot 2022-09-07 at 17.06.31@2x

Nowadays you see this:

Do you know / understand why you would have to offer a possibility to sign in when that doesnt give you anything extra? Just trying to understand.

I have a policy and protocol app for our field paramedics that has three separate drug calculators built in (one for Fentanyl and the others for Ketamine and Lidocaine) and they all work without having to sign in. Can confirm it’s possible with user specific columns :+1:


It’s an old app, so for whatever reason, it still has those old privacy settings. Most of my apps are still in the old My Apps folder.

While it’s not required, sign in for my app could be useful if you want to retain certain values. For example, it could keep the last calculation on the screen. There are 4 memory locations in the calculator to store and retrieve numbers. There is a running history of the last 20 calculations. There’s also a stats tab that shows the number of button presses. Maybe this is stuff you want to retain after the app is closed and reopened. You need to be signed in for those values to be retained.

If you are not signed in, user specific columns will be cleared after an app is closed and reopened. However, they will remain permanently if you are signed in.

Overall, I’m not sure how much of a lifespan this app has. Eventually I’m sure it will be forced into a new team plan where update limits will apply. This thing would burn through updates in less than a day in most cases. It was just a fun challenge a couple years ago to see if I could do it.

And to see if some other of us common mortals could do it. I tried and didn’t even get close :joy:



But I bet you learned a lot trying.

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I sure did.

At the time which I think was around Feb-March '21, I thought you were going to suggest one challenge per month. Looking forward to the next one if you decide to ever suggest another.

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Yeah, I think that one took a lot out of me. Spent a good month fine tuning and fixing bugs. Had a lot of free time with Covid too. Now it feels like I’m too busy with other things. I’d like to find another challenge someday.


Please let me know in advance, Jeff. I will need to set aside holiday and recalibrate my wife’s expectations for that period :crazy_face:


Ha! Do I really want to be the one responsible for upsetting your wife? She might hunt me down if I ever visit Europe.