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I am trying to learn this and appreciate any suggestions on creating experience like image Carousel. I was trying two different methods but none of them worked. In first method, I created image carousel successfully but I also want description below the image to change when image changes. I can’t figure out how to change description part. In method 2, I created a button below image and tried to launch description from cell of the spreadsheet. But this doesn’t work either.

Hope someone has this figured out and can help…

Buttons will not let you specify a specific record you want to view.

There are a couple of ways to do this. One is to put each image on it’s own row, then use an inline list with the card layout with a horizontal orientation.

Another is to build your own carousal type view with previous and next buttons (actually an inline list). This will allow you to page between each detail record, so you can show as much as you want on each image’s detail screen. There is some spreadsheet magic in the back end to make all of this work. I have an example here in the memories tab. rwtsk.glideapp.io

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Thank you very much Jeff. I appreciate your feedback very much as this was very challenging so far for me to figure out. I will try your solutions.

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