Image array (slideshow) with text (captions) that move with list

I ran into an issue today when trying to build a horizontal list of images that also needed to have captions displayed underneath them. I tried to create the list using tiles or cards so that I can have the text underneath, but neither of those layouts allows for the full image to be displayed (no 1:1 setting or really any image settings on those layouts). My images need to be displayed in full (they’re screenshots that don’t look right when cropped to fit into a set tile or card size).

One thing I thought I could try was to add an array of captions under the image array and have visibility settings to switch captions when images are shown, but since the images are displayed as an array, I don’t think those visibility settings exist.

Has anyone come up with a good work-around for this?

Hi Kyle,

Can you try accessing the “News” button in my app and see if that flow can work with your case?

The first button is “Next item”, the second is “Previous item”.


That’s a cool idea! Increment buttons to switch between screens. Would definitely work, my only hesitation is that the buttons are big for a simple slideshow. A right-aligned next button and a left-aligned previous button would be great (same “line” so that it doesn’t create more vertical scrolling in the app).

Your method is a good work-around though and I might give it a go. Thanks!

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Yeah I definitely want it to be what you describe instead of 2 big buttons, hope they allow that soon :smile:

Check out my method in the memories tab here:

Or check out @Krivo’s method here using increment: