Image Arrays Stopped Working in Card View

I had many image fields in my app where the value was an image array, this has worked for months, and now the image is blank. When clicking an item and viewing it in the detail screen, I have used the same image array field again for the image there and it works fine.

Card and Grid Image using Image Array Field shows no image.

If you want to replicate this, make a simple image array like columns “Image 1” & “Image 2” in your google sheet, populate it with a URL and in glide you will have a column automatically called simply “Image” with the array icon.

Use this field as the image source of an image on a card and detail screen view. It will work on detail view and not card.

I guess I’ve never known an array to work on a card list view? How did it work for you before? Did it just show the first image in the array, or could you actually swipe through the images on the card in the list? Genuinely curious about this, and I think I’ve seen a related post recently.

To me, the image on a card list is only capable of handling single values instead of arrays (unlike an image component which can handle both). In cases like that I would normally pick the first item (‘Image 1’ instead of ‘Image’) to display in the card.

Again, I could be wrong, but I’ve never known it to be possible to use an array on a card list item…or any list item for that matter. Only the image component in the detail screen could properly handle image arrays. If this is in Glide Pages, then maybe that’s why I’ve never noticed it. I haven’t done much with Pages yet. Apps, in the other hand, have never allowed you do do something like that.

Will be fixed by Wednesday. Apologies.


It works, but it only shows the first image.

Good to know. Thanks Bob.

Another potential tip which is amazing for my particular app, is:
If your related line items (people, products, whatever) each have an image array, you can make a lookup to related items first image, and get a nice kind of image summary array.

For example if your app is a business directory, you can make a nice detail screen containing an image and card list. The card list is all the people in that department (click to their profile), and the image (lookup rel image 1) is an array of everyones first photo.

My app is about products, so in each sub category you can swipe through and see the first image of all products in that category to see if you are interested, before clicking into detail into one.

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Thank you!