Button Action to add a new value into a Column?

Is it possible to set one button to add a value to an empty column cell of an existing row? (without creating a whole new row)

Created this as an example to illustrate the need:

Imagine a movie theater and you want to reserve seat B1:

And when you pick a seat that is empty you can see a button that says “reserve this!”

Is it possible to get that button to fill a value in the corresponding row of the tile (seat) in that list? (in this case Cell of Column “Taken By” on row 5 of the sheet?)


Here are the actions that you get for the Button component:

Thank you for any advice on how to do this!

No you can’t do it with a button but you have 2 other options:

  1. Use the edit to allow users to enter values and and define visibility that if a certain cell is not empty it will show and if full not show.
  2. Use a checkbox in the page that users can check and set the visibility to show if not true

Wow, thank you for the quick reply!

I understand #1, does not work for me because I want the value to be pre-defined (the users ID) so can’t give the user an editable form field.

If I understand #2 correctly then the user needs to “edit” where the choice component has two options: the empty option and the “user ID”, in this case their name, option… according to this I need to have that “user ID” pre-populated in a new tab on the sheet… I don’t think that scales for many users… or am I missing something?

Any other ideas more than welcome. thanks again for the quick response!

I don’t think you have many choices here. My best bet is still using a form, record the user’s email, the seat in question and take that to a new sheet, let’s say “Bookings”.

In the Bookings sheet, make an arrayformula to lookup the user’s name from your Profiles sheet.

In the Seats sheet, have an arrayformula to lookup the user’s name from the Bookings sheet.

I think this way your row count won’t be affected, just expect a delay for things to be updated though.