Extended Button Functionality

Would great if the Button functionality could be used to create a new row or value.
The Business Case is that I need to track various games stats for players. Clicking a button would add a row to a sheet with pre-determined and/or dynamic values.


Great idea! Where do the dynamic values come from?

Like the Form currently uses those “hidden” fields to populate a comments table. For example If a player scores a goal there would be a button that would hold a constant value that relates to a goal (ID=1) and then the dynamic values would a PlayerID and/or a GameID.

We were thinking that maybe a Form with no visible components could auto-submit without opening—what do you think of that? Too tricky?

We are also working on form confirmation so you would get feedback.

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That sounds like it could work as long as you could still enter in a “constant” value. The form submission confirmation sounds good too. I know it sounds like the form submission will be here in the very near future will there be an ability to suppress the form confirmation?

I thought of this just yesterday. I needed a button press to serve as an interaction. I ended up adding a form with a check box and a true/false statement in the sheet.

What happened to this, I have a couple of forms I would love this functionality on.

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