Building with arrays


I have an array with names and difficulties of classes. I needed to limit the array so the classes only repeat once.

In the case below, each class should only be placed once, but because of multiple responses, its not.

Also wondering, how to pull up array values in different table.

Thank you

What are you planning on doing with the array. Usually the functionality dictates how the data should be structured. Don’t want to solve for the wrong problem.


I plan on using these values on a detail page for each class. For that I need each array to not repeat and that way I can send it to a different table and then display them.

Thank you

So both of the elements in each array should contribute to the uniqueness of your solution?

So if I have “Advanced Algebra 2 - 3” and “AP Statistics - 3” is it ok?

I don’t really understand your use case. Why should they be unique and why is this configured as an array?

The arrays only use was to hold the data but that is not working properly either. The idea behind the screenshots was to average values from a google spreadsheet and then associate it to a class. Then using those values to send it to another table with the class pages. The problem is each response is creating another row, so for example, Advanced Algebra 2 is being repeated twice. That makes it a hassle to display and update for each class page.

In the end, the goal is to take values from the spreadsheet average them and associate them to a class. Then take it to a different tab.

Why does it have to be “taken to a different tab”?

So what do you want to be unique here? The class name? And you want the average of some number for each class?

The other tab holds the class detail screens. I need the arrays to only contain one class so that there are no repetitions. For example, only having Advanced Algebra 2 display once.

But circling back, why are there multiple Advanced Algebra 2 rows from the start? What exactly is that table storing?

The table is storing values taken from a spreadsheet connected to a google form. The reason there are repetitions is because its taking the users choice and then combining it with the class difficulty for that choice.c