Building a simple card deck app

For some reason, I’m having a hard time to understand relations. What I’m trying to do:

  • A user creates decks
  • A user can browse a list of cards and add them to the deck
  • Then the user can draw a card at random and add it to his/hers hand

What happens after they draw a card to their hand? Is it like a game environment, and you can’t add the same card anymore?

The thought is that the user can draw one or more cards from the selected deck (theres several decks). Then the cards should be added to the hand and not being able to be drawn again until it’s resetted - basically how a deck of cards works IRL.

To start, I would be happy to just be able to store the different decks. Drawing cards can be done by using a die with the same number as the number of cards in the deck or something.

What a fun challenge. Here’s a 30-minute POC build!

TL;DW: Use the Data Sets integration :wink:


Here’s the template link: Deck of Cards

:black_joker: Enjoy!