Virtual Card Packages? Crafting Cards?

Hey everyone,

I’ve been racking my brain with this one and I’m finally going to bring it to the group. There are two things I’m trying to produce but I’m not entirely sure they are even possible … anyway here they are!

First off - here is the app template I built to give you an idea…

  1. Virtual Card Packs

In my game gamification program, you can buy virtual cards and store them in an inventory (thanks Robert for the help!) When my game was physical, I used to take cards and wrap them in foil to create a virtual card pack students could buy. I’m trying to figure out how I could do this virtually. I have all my cards setup, you can buy them, etc … can you think of a logic where I could have a card pack logo in the card tab as a category, they can buy it but instead of being put into their inventory is goes to a screen where it displays, for example, 3 cards that then go into their inventory? As an aside I could do this with a randomizer and manually enable the cards but I’m curious if anyone can think of a way to automate the process? So … go to card shop --> see card pack --> buy it --> you see X cards --> these go to your inventory …

  1. Crafting Cards

As part of the physical game, students could take resource cards (lumber, metal parts, nails, etc…) and combine them to form other items. Well, once again, I have them all built virtually and I am trying to work my mind around the logic about how I could create a crafting tab.

First, I think using the If-Then-Else you could create the combination such as: if inventory contains: card X and card Y you can make card Z else nothing and so on. The issue I have is if you choose yes to craft card Z … how could I make the app recognize that card X and card Y in scenario are then dropped and card Z would be added into the inventory?

Anyway … I hope that made sense!

Fingers crossed someone can think of some logic here!

Thanks in advance!

Love your app. Was inspired a lot by your site!

I’ve tried to make my app available for guests, and the XP/Gold isnt 100% working right now, but I have a system where they must first purchase a “relic” and that relic allows them to use items that fall under that category (ie buying a cauldron allows them to brew potions, etc)
Take a look if you’d like!

The Guardians of the High Seas

Wow - your app is amazing! Where did you get your graphics? I love the look of it!

Also, those slides you’ve built and linked it - genius.

So when it comes to brewing potions, how did you do that? Is it combining cards to form a single card or…?

We should chat for sure!

Thanks! We could talk! The app itself started with @Robert_Petitto’s work (glide gamification KING!) but I built on it to fit my needs. The graphics come from different places but I tried to find sets so they would at least be consistent within their functions.

At the current stage, brewing potions requires combining cauldron relic (unlimited uses) with a potion from the store (one use each). I could add the ability to require combinations of ingredients down the road by basically repeating the process I built the cauldron+potion functionality down another level. Right now I kept it to cauldron+potion because I knew I was going to make 3 separate relic “paths” that have their own sub-items.

Healer is cauldron relic with potions being the sub-items
Magic is spellbook relic with wand sub-items (I’ve started adding spells as sub-items to each wand but it’s pretty basic currently)
Adventurer is a backpack relic with battle shield sub-items.

Potions and Shields present a placeholder gif once activated (either “brewing” or “battling”) and once I approve them they finish. Whereas Magic is instant.
I think I like the difference for that, we’ll see.

In addition to XP reward, the sub-items have “path points” attached, which adds to their path progress. So the more time/gold spent on that relic will increase the path progress percentage for that category on their profile. When they reach a set total (300 path points right now), I’ll make it show that they’ve mastered that path and there will be some sort of prize, or maybe a feature on the app that will become visible for them. I might make it so that when you choose your initial path, you can’t switch until you’ve mastered it.

Each sub-item costs gold and earns XP when used. They earn more gold by doing the quests in the challenge tab. It should end up being a pretty neat cycle once I figure out proportionate values that will keep it a challenging but doable balance.

The slides- THANK YOU!! That’s been my main method of telling the gamified story. I have at least 100 or so made from my 3 years teaching! I love adding new ones each year so that the story gets more full as time goes on!!
I’m trying to use Webview to display them, which is new here and it doesn’t always work for me. I added sound effects to the slides recently and I’m still deciding if I can keep them or not. Depends on how it affects performance. Seems to work more consistently on desktop. Did they play easily for you or was it laggy??

Finally, let me know if you come up with some ingredient/resources building methods- I loved seeing how it worked on your website. You might be able to embed that calculator into a webview component on the app, but I’m not 100% sure how your game functions.

Jake :smiley:


i tried your app i could not create my profile

You need to click “guest user”, and submit that form so it puts your email in the users sheet.

Then you have to click the pencil to edit your profile options. If you don’t complete the editing page functions in the rest of the app won’t be available until you do.

Right now it’s loaded with student email addresses so this is the best way I’ve figured out how to add guests. Let me know if it gives you trouble still.

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Oh wait! You’re taking to @MasterHeebs? Whoops. Yeah I think he has users set up like me so we can see but we won’t have profiles.

no it was to you :laughing:

Did you click guest user?

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just saw this and yes i did

Gold and XP seems to be working again! @Robert_Petitto :scream: I think I figured it out all by myself lol

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I started brainstorming ways to craft a new item from two mix and match elements in ones inventory and then add it to your inventory.

We’ll see if it comes to anything.



Well it seems that while I have the gold and XP scores functional again, the gold given from quests is now automatically applied without me approving the submission. Two steps forward and one step back=My glide method! :laughing: