The Problem of Problems...Need A Challenge?

Hi everyone!

My name is Scott Hebert. I’m a teacher from Alberta, Canada and last year about this time I was introduced to Glide by the awesome Robert Pettito! He’s a gem isn’t he?!

I teach using the principles of gamification (my entire grade 8 program is a year long RPG) and it catching fire around the world. So much so that I was recognized this year a Top 50 teacher in the world. Crazy stuff!

Since learning about Glide, I’ve seen its use in education, and even more so in what I do. To give you a quick overview, I’ve built my app to track their health, their game currency, levels, stats and things like that. I’ve run into two problems though since COVID that I’m hoping the technical genius that exists here can help me and my fellow teachers out!

  1. Digital Inventories (…I hope I explain this clearly)

So usually in my game, students get game cards (physical cards that look like magic cards) and they house them in their inventory (which is a 9 pocket baseball holder). They then cash them in and stuff during the course of the game. The problem now with COVID is that we can’t hand out cards so I added all, like over 100, items into a sheet called “Items” where there is a picture, a name and a description/use. Here is the catch, I need to someone be able to take a player’s (student’s) profile and somehow be able to give them an item so it shows up in their inventory (a picture of it or worse case the name but picture is important when dealing with kids) that they could click to be redirected to the items description. If they use the card, I need to be able to remove the card. Even trickier, sometimes they have multiple of the game card. I hope that made sense.

TL:DR - I need to create a digital inventory that is unique for each student where I can add/take away cards at will (as the game master)

  1. Stat Sheets

So there are 10 skills the students normally get a track throughout the year on paper. Things like attack, defense, etc … Again, paper isn’t an option and with COVID I need to digitize this. My initial thought is literally 10 columns (1 / skill) with a number value and using edit I can edit the each value but a) that is ugly and makes the player profile giant a bulky since I’m adding 20 lines (10 heading + 10 number values). Is there anyway to make this quicker and/or more presentable? Again, I’m trying my best to explain this …

Anyway, I’ll start there!

I’m so hoping some of you tech gurus and sheet wizards can help me out! It would be amazing and you’ll get total credit when I share it with my gamification community.

As an aside, if you are a, or know a, teacher I have loads and loads of free resources about this to share as well!

Fingers crossed …

Hey man!!!

If I understood correctly, you may wanna watch this video by @Robert_Petitto.

I think he came up with an idea of how to sell things inside his app which could help you and give you an idea of how to pass your cards to students.

I hope this helps.

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Hey Santiago!

Thanks a lot for this. I’ve been playing around with it. I just wish I could see the guts of the app since I’m more a visual learner … Hopefully I hear from Robert soon haha :slight_smile:


Welcome to any other ideas people have!

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Hey Scott!
This was the inspiration for my ItemStore app. Shoot me a text tomorrow and I’ll hook you up with the app and the logic behind it!