Creating an "Items Store" for a game

hello! first off- here’s my app:

I’m a teacher with a gasified class. Students earn gold which is listed on their profiles. I want to make a page which allows students to select their name from the drop down, chose an item, and purchase- then have the “gold cost” subtracted from their current gold total.

HELP?! Where should I start?

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I’m going though some old posts I bookmarked. Have a look at my Currency example. I think it would have what you are looking for if you haven’t implemented something already.

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This is definitely next on my agenda. Would take things next level.

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Could the Currency transfer idea be used in my text based CYOA to be used for items found in game and added to an inventory

I don’t see why not. Instead of Price, you could treat it as a quantity. The way I have it designed, I’m using a filter to hide the item once it’s purchased, so it wouldn’t show up again once it’s picked up. I would image that the Balance for a user could be changed to the name of an item and could probably be split up into multiple items. This would contain the total quantity for an item. The formula would just need to be modified for each item to find a matching item and the current owner in the Items sheet to accumulate the total. Anything is possible.

Hello Mr. Mark, I would like to know more about your app, sorry for my English, I am Brazilian and I also developed an application to carry out a gamification with my students. but I didn’t get many things, that you have in your app that I wanted in mine. Couldn’t we do a remote knowledge exchange activity?

check out @Robert_Petitto app