Item with specificities, user can have severals items ( they create them)

I would like to make an app for a game.
I would like to store some datas in order to define winrate/ rarity.
The game is based on characteres with speficities ( name, rarity and level)
I would like the users to be able to create their specific characteres , they add the name and the specifics. This item should be linked to a specific user. A user can have severals Items.

I think I can handle everything expect the creation of a specific item.
Later on I would like the player choosing amoug his several items is order to import data in the app.

If somebody can give me assistance!
Thank you

Isn’t that just a matter of having an Items table, with columns for Item attributes plus a column for the Item owner (user), then using a form to add new items?

I’m not clear on what you are looking for here.
Specifically, what exactly do you mean by “import data in the app”?

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Yeah the point is that I dont know ho to create an Items table. If you have any topics or process about that I would be grateful.

I am looking to established winrate linked to a specific rarity and an amount of a specific stats ( this will be in the characters of an item)
The player will play on the game and a the end he will comme to this app and adding for exemple:
This characteres makes 3 win and 3 defeats----> 50% Winrate etc.
In the community, nobody know exactly the winrate for a specific rarity, but I would like this app to be a data base where all players can come and add their statistics. With a lot of dats ans stats we will have a better ideao of the winrate ( the winrate is more or less fixed by the game)
Am I clearer.?

Okay. Yes, I think so.
So gameplay will take place outside the App, and the App will basically just be used for logging results and calculating statistics, yes?

That’s actually the easy part. You can create a table and start adding columns with just a few clicks. But obviously there is more to it than that. You need to figure out which columns are needed and what calculations will be required. And these are things that probably only you can answer for yourself.

If you’re new to Glide, it might be worth your while taking a look at @Robert_Petitto’s Gamification Tutorial Series. This will give you a good idea about what is possible, as well as a good introduction to some Glide basics.

Yes correct It will only calculate statistics.
I will look at this tuto then.
And I did not find any tuto because I dont know what key world to use for my issue. Do you have any idea? create item table or something like this ?

I don’t think you’ll find any tutorial that covers your exact scenario, because your use case is quite specific.

But again, if you’re just asking how to create a table, then that’s covered in the Glide Docs.