Transaction between two users

I wanna do an app that has an in-app currency that people use to buy things inside the app. Let’s say you have on your profile all the things you are selling. How can I select an item, transact and change the owner of the item on the spreadsheet to the new owners, as well as charge them the virtual currency and adding it to the other person?

Hey @Sandro_Brito, welcome.

At the moment Glide is not able to do that unfortunately. I’m not saying it can’t be done by some serious spreadsheet magic & Apps Script, but I can’t imagine an elegant way of making that work.

We have lots planned for per-user data in the future and hope that this kind of thing will be possible then.


May be you could try to see if this could help:

You could use glideapp to build a very user friendly UI to capture your needed data, then use integromat to complete your desired workflow.

I created a concept for this in an app. Hopefully it might give you some ideas. Just look for Currency Transfer/Purchase in the app to check it out. Under each user, there are options to Transfer funds to another user, and there is a list of items that belong to the user. Selecting on the items will allow you to purchase the item and the balances will update based on the item price.

You are welcome to copy the app and take a look at the spreadsheet to see how it all works. Enjoy!

Thank you @Jeff_Hager. I am definitely going to have a play with it

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Hey i was just doing the same process and i’m wondering has this feature come up or still undoable in an elegant way?

If you’re using a virtual currency, then I imagine it should be possible.

A button should be able to do the things below:

  • Add a row to the Transactions table with the seller’s rowID, the buyer’s rowID, the item’s rowID.

  • Deduct the price of the item from the buyer’s “account” (if you have a number column to track that).

  • Add the price of the item to the seller’s “account”.

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I talk about in app currency in my gamification series: