Building a Card Deck! New User so confused

Hey Glide Community!

I’m new to this and so confused on why this is so difficult for me. I was introduced to Glide last week and haven’t been able to do anything else with my free time. I’ve been wanting to create an app for something I’ve had on the shelf for years and this seems perfect for it, but I just can’t make it work!

Here’s what I want. The app will be a collection of 12 different decks of cards. I have end goal plans for something more complicated than this, but at its most basic form, the app will start with a splash home screen → Tab to Deck Topics. Clicking on the Deck Topics it will show a list of all the available decks. The Card View is excellent for this. It would have a Title Summary image that tells what that deck is. → User selects which deck they want and views that deck ONE card at a time. This is important.

It’s easy enough to put all the data in one table and in the detail screen show image, image image, image for that row of the table, but that doesn’t allow the flexibility to show each “card” one at a time. I tried an inline list on the detail screen, but it won’t show a list of row items. This also doesn’t allow me to show that deck one at a time. For the life of me I can’t figure out how to link each item in a “Master” Deck Topics list to another Tab I create for the individual decks.

  • I can link to detail screen with a relation, but I want a Tab
  • I can set it to open a Tab, but every item opens to the same tab, not the one needed for that list item

I was able to set up Tab to view a deck one at a time as shown here. I just can’t figure out how to link the Master Deck to get here.

So for example my setup would be this going with Manan’s theme of vehicles.

  • Master Tab of vehicle types: Motorcycles, Trucks, Cars, SUVs
    • It’s ok to show this is a Card View and to see multiple together.
    • User selects which one that want
  • Selection sends Navigation Tab setup as Manan does in his example to show a different tab of data one at a time with buttons.

PS I didn’t set up the One at a time view for this yet and I have to go to work now, but I made a sample app you can copy for some simple data already there.

I appreciate all the help you can give! This community is great!


Here’s how I’d create this:


@Robert_Petitto Ok my 11:30 meeting canceled on me, so I came back to check on this and wow! A 12 minute video all for me! I also love that you say it can be done in about 10 minutes (which you did). I’ve been trying to figure this out for hours and hours. Even beyond the immediate answer, there’s so much helpful info in here that I haven’t used like filters and Template columns.

I do need the selected deck to display each card individually and Swipe could work in this case. I looked at that earlier for the selection screen, but there’s not a swipe back option which is definitely needed in that case if they decide they liked Topic 2 the most. I’d love a Carousel option at some point that advances or goes back through a list with swipe right and left. For the selected deck though there won’t be a need to go back to a previous card.

I’ll work on it a while though and see what I come up with and come back if I need more help!

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