Trying to Make a Companion App for Our Tarot Deck

Hi there!

I am new to Glide and am looking to create a companion app for a tarot deck we are launching soon (

With the app, I hope to offer a few things:

  1. a daily draw of a tarot card that lasts for 24 hours before resetting (random draw from among our 78 cards)
  2. library of our cards organized by five categories (major arcana and the four suits) with a search option
  3. an area with a brief description about our brand
  4. link to go to our website

I would love to utilize an existing template if there is something similar available or a template that is particularly well suited for modification. I searched the template portal and couldn’t identify anything similar to my application. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks so much!


Hi there.

The last 3 points should be pretty straightforward.

Regarding the first one, does the user make the random draw and it’s different for every user?

Hi! Thanks for replying!

Yes, the random card draw would be different for every user.

Does it need to be stored somewhere so they can kind of view a history of cards they have drawn?

Welcome to Glide! Beautiful website! I just signed up for updates. I am really into dogs and design! :star_struck: Looking forward to your app! My little guy is George, he’s a poodle. can’t wait to see the Poodle card. :grin: