Building a Bankeroo Clone for my Daughters

Keeping track of money earned from allowance/chores/etc. Parents can add/remove funds per child or all at once.

Spent only an hour or so on it—take a look. What would you add?


Simple concept and beautifully delivered as always! Let me save this post so I can buy your template when I have a child :rofl:


Will soon use a double “Add Row” Compound Action to do transfers. One row from the child second row to the other child. That way both rows get saved to the log.

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Ah that’s great! Make sure you put this on the store.

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I have it working now with a double form compound action but it’s a bit clunky:

Edit: Ah…Glitch was because I was previewing as one of the other girls so it was pulling her data.


I’d add a ‘target savings’ or ‘target purchase’ tab that lists price for items they want to purchase, so item_1 is 100 dollars and then a progress bar that shows how close they are to having the amount needed and also a projected date when they will have the needed allowance, based on projected saving rate, e.g. on Feb 15 you’ll have the needed amount to purchase item_1


Ooo fancy! :raised_hands:

The template is now live!


What a fancy video!! Well done @Robert_Petitto

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great again, Robert!

Thanks! My daughters love it. As I type this, they’re checking their balances and claiming jobs so they can earn some extra money to hopefully climb higher on the leaderboard! Motivation!