Hello Gliders!

I am a software developer from India. I like how easy it is to make applications on Glide. I am making a simple expense tracker for my Mom and exploring all the features of Glide. Glad to join the community.


Hey @vprince001 . Welcome to the community. Great to have you here.

Sounds like a fantastic project. Feel free to ask anything regarding Glide here in the community. Our wonderful and talented Gliders will always look forward to supporting you.

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Welcome to our community, @vprince001. Excited to have you here :rocket:

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Welcome to the family, feel free to let us know if you have any questions! Greetings from fellow Asian (Vietnam here).


Family. That’s the perfect word for what we are here at Glide, @ThinhDinh :wink:


Welcome @vprince001 :wave: Do share your journey using Glide and what you build along the way. Have fun.

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@nathanaelb Have shared my app on Showcase. Do have a look.

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