The smartest AI expense tracker ever

Tired of manually logging every receipt and expense?

Say hello to the future of expense tracking!

In this video, we demo an AI-powered expense tracking app built by @ThinhDinh from that automates and simplifies the entire process. We had previously built expenses trackers, but this app is REALLY MIND BLOWING.

Just take a photo of any receipt or invoice, and our computer vision AI will instantly extract key details - identifying the vendor, date, amounts - and automatically generate a new expense entry categorized by type.

No more manual data entry or trying to decipher handwritten receipts!

The app provides powerful insights into your spending with interactive charts showing spending by category and vendor over time.

The built-in virtual assistant allows you to chat with your expenses history to quickly find any expense detail you need. This is one of the coolest features… you can CHAT with your expenses, and find invaluable data of how you’re spending, how can you save money, and more.

It’s freaking wild.

This intelligent expense tracker removes friction from expense reporting while giving you unparalleled visibility into your spending.

At LowCode, we’re leveraging AI to build the next generation of smart business applications today! Get in touch with us today to get a custom quote for your no-code app. We can build magic!


You can try it out here:

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This was fun to build. Some prompts here and there to take the best out of Glide AI, and I plan to build more using Glide AI in the coming weeks.

The images in the app are generated using Midjourney. I love the soul it brings to the app.

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This is amazing.

Hi there, this is an amazing app, congratulations!

Do you have any step by step guidance on how to build this app?

We don’t. We focus 100% on building custom apps for growing businesses. We’ll create some educational resources for Glide University soon, though.

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