Building AI Powered Apps with Glide AI | Build With Glide Recap 9/14/2023

We had a live Build with Glide session yesterday focused on building AI-powered apps for businesses featuring Glide AI. We were joined by Jesus from Low Code Agency and he demonstrated two powerful apps that he created to showcase the utility and functionality of AI.

Please note: The links in this post will direct you to the time stamp of live recording so you can hop in the part that is most interesting to you.

His first app, Content Creator, does exactly as it sounds. It creates content using Glide AI - but in a really unique way. Inside the app you can configure your business and set the output parameters such as which social media channel (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc) and even words to avoid to create your tone. Once your profile is set up the magic starts. You are presented with five topic suggestions with different purposes: How To, List, Tips, Benefit, and Reasons. Inside each of these purpose-based topic ideas are full featured content with a click away.

And of course, just for yall, I asked him how he built the Content Generator App.

The second app he created is Billing Buddy. This app scans images of receipts and invoices and converts it to text so it can be added to the expense list. This is only one of the AI features! This app was also crafted to provide AI-enhanced insights to your expenses which can identify potential duplicate charges, upcoming bills, categorize high spending areas like travel, and more. He also created a way for you to ask a question and get real time results. I asked him to request how much money was spent on travel, and within seconds it was answered!

Well, you know I asked him how he built the Billing Buddy App. =)

What’s so interesting about Billing Buddy is how with Glide AI he was able to create an app that has better AI data analyzation than the company that provides my credit cards! And: It’s totally customizable. It even can suggest which cards you should use for what transactions to maximize your points - think of how this can benefit all businesses! Jesus pointed this out when he mentioned that this AI feature has incredible high ROI just for that reason.

He also said that Glide AI is very good at helping you save time, improving your workflow, and increasing efficiency. These apps he showcased during the live event inspired many of the viewers. He also said that many businesses don’t really understand AI, but when he created very practical use cases of AI it underlines real ways businesses can utilize AI.

How are you using Glide AI in your apps to streamline your workflow and/or increase your efficiency?


Hope you loved the cute pigs in Billing Buddy.


I commented on it! I love it! haha

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IT was a blast @BrettH ! Thanks for having me

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