Recap: Deploying Glide apps to the field

How do you go from building Glide apps for your company to starting a no-code agency? :eyes:

​Brian Banks and Cliff Switzer came together to build internal Glide apps at Lone Star Communications. They loved it so much, they started their own agency called ProApptiv to build apps for others.

  • ​ProApptiv uses Glide, Open AI, and other top app tools to create custom mobile apps
  • ​They’ve built 50+ apps for everything from contact management to private group chat
  • ​Each app takes less than 4 weeks to build, on average

In this Build With Glide session, we covered:

  • ​Why the duo started their own Glide agency
  • ​Demos of their top apps and how they work
  • ​Advice for aspiring Glide app builders

Key takeaways:

Starting ProApptiv

  • Brian Banks and Cliff Switzer started the no-code app development agency after using Glide to build Techstar for technicians at Lone Star Communications.
  • They identified many use cases and built Glide apps to address them.
  • They created ProApptiv to offer solutions to various industries through proactive app building.

Xzibit app

  • Created for people attending conferences to collect information on exhibitors.
  • Users can add exhibitors and their contact information, take videos and pictures, and add to an image gallery.
  • Exhibitor logos are scraped from their websites and added to the app automatically.

LogIt app

  • Built for field technicians to track their progress on projects.
  • Users can add projects, floors, rooms, and tasks, and the app calculates the percentage of completion.
  • The app uses gauge images that change as tasks are completed.

Newsletter app

  • Created for organizations to send newsletters to their members.
  • Users can add articles, images, and links to each newsletter.
  • The app automatically generates a unique link for each member to view.

Thank you to Brian and Cliff from ProApptiv for joining us!

Build With Glide is a recurring virtual event series where we demo existing Glide apps or build new apps from scratch. Guests include Glide users, team members, partners, and Experts.

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