Bug with sending data via form button from a lookup column

My app’s URL: borrowwamsipad.glideapp.io

In a nutshell, I have a form button feeding a log. In that log I have a field called “Status” which is either “available or unavailable”. I also have an if/then called “Next Status” which gives the opposite status.

On a homescreen sheet, I have a lookup column that’s finding both the status and next status of an item. The homescreen displays the current status (Status) and has the form button that send the “next status” to the status column of the log (to complete the loop).

The glitch I’m experiencing is that even though I’m sending the “next status” value to the log, the current “status” value is the one recorded. The only thing I can think of is that it’s calculating the if/then in the log prior to the data actually being recorded which then would throw off all the conditions. Thoughts?

Check your if statement - if you’re using a checkbox on your sheet that could be part of it. I had an issue where I was testing a checkbox to be true, and I didn’t need to. My mistake was this:

=if (A1=“TRUE”,B3,B4)

It ALWAYS returned the value in B4 for me. After some checking, I found out i didn’t need the “TRUE” because it was a checkbox. If it’s checked, it’s TRUE, if not, it’s FALSE. All i needed was

=if (A1,B3,B4)

This gave me the TRUE when the box was checked, returning the value in B3

Hope it helps.

Thanks for the suggestion @Tim_Sullivan, but I’m not using spreadsheet formulas for the if/then…I’m using the if/then/else column in the Data Editor.

Just going off of your order of precessing theory, what if you move the IF THEN column after the status column?

In the iPad Status sheet? Just tried it…didn’t work.

Related glitch. Instead of the if/then/else column in the ipad status sheet, I created an identical if/then/else in the log sheet. I then did a lookup of that value in the status sheet and attempted to pass THAT value via the form button to the log. Now, it the if/then/else in the log sheet correctly generates the opposite value that was passed to the log, but generates an EMPTY value within the status column. So weird.

I studied your videos a few times and your logic seems sound. It reminded me of a similar post where somebody was having the same issue and got around it by displaying the value on the screen. You could put the NextStatus on the form and hide it with visibility as something to try. It sure seems like a bug to me.

Here’s a snippet of a private conversation I had with Mark a couple weeks ago. I couldn’t duplicate the issue myself, but when I tried it, it was a very simple test, so maybe something else was a factor in it not working.

That seems to be the same issue for sure. I even tried doing something similar where I had created a template column that was fed from the lookup column but that didn’t work either. I didn’t use the <!–ID-> syntax though. Is that a thing?

I’m not sure what the intend was with the ID tag. Maybe to display inside a rich text component with the html tag hiding the value from view. Try adding a basic text component to the form that displays the NextStatus.

I did that…same issue. The weird thing is that the NextStatus value is correct after the data refreshes…but on form submission, it generates either a blank value or the incorrect value.

This seems to be a bug. I’ll take a look at it. Would you mind sharing your app, please, with the bug intact?

Yes sir. The bug is still in tact . App is borrowWAMSipad.glideapp.io

I can confirm that there’s something fishy going on. We’ll fix it. Thank you so much for reporting!


Whew! I thought I was doing something wrong. Thanks for looking into it!

This should be fixed now. Would you mind trying again, please?

Just tested. The form button seems to send the data correctly! Now the issue is that my app needs to be refreshed in order for the changes to be displayed. I created a video that I’ll post as a followup once it uploads to YT.

Been testing it out more…it works, just REALLY laggy (minutes…not seconds). Wonder if it’s just my sheet.

No, this should be instant - the spreadsheet isn’t even involved. I’ll take a look at it. Thanks for bearing with us!

No problem at all. Love the responsiveness and innovativeness of you and your team!