BUG with Image Picker not uploading images

Hi All,

So, I have s bug with the image picker which seems to not uploasing images at all.
no matter which image i try it doesn’t even start the upload

the image picker is on a details screen the set to a user specific column of image

I checked now with a regular form and the image picker works when directing to a regular column on the google sheet but as user specific coulmns not shown on refular form i can’t test to see if this is the problem source which I’m guessing it is.


Just posted about that, having this issue too. ALso my edit view is different to my live view! something’s going on today

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sorry, missed your post,

Just in case this post gets more popular :slight_smile:

We’ve identified the issue and should fix it soon.


amazing as usual.

thanks for the quick respond David.

have a good night

I have the same issue with uploading images, is there a work around @yinon_raviv? thanks

Back then it was a bug and was quickly fixed by the glide team

Good for you. The irony is that this is happening in my pro app, going back to my copy which is in a basic plan, it just works perfectly.

If it works in one app but not another, then that would suggest that there is something different about the second app that is the cause.

Have you made any changes in your app since you made the copy?
If yes, I would be carefully reviewing those changes to ensure that you haven’t inadvertently bought this issue on yourself.

Hi @Darren_Murphy there has been an adjustments, but the same method. How can I able to share it to you? Actually, in the process the uploading stops and a message “Device is offline” appears but my internet is ok.

Even adding a profile picture has the same issue.