Not work 2nd image Picker at form

The second image picker set in the form does not work.
Select a photo in the second image picker and it will be written to the first image picker.

What are your current settings? Can you show me some screenshots?

Screen shot

If you try to upload the second, it will overwrite the first.

I was able to use it properly until yesterday.

Can you check if the URL2 input is being directed to the wrong column?

Google sheets column and Glide Apps settings are fine

When I tried uploading in the editor screen of Glide apps, I tried to upload to the first image picker instead of the second image picker.

Is this a problem?
Google sheets has two image URL columns.
In the data editor of Glide Apps, there are two images in one image URL column.
I tried synchronizing with Google sheets many times.

I have the same problem !!

i have the same issue …:confused:
hope this will be fix asap.

any others with this issue ?

Hi did you solve the issue ?

Hi [ehattori] did you solve the problem for image picker cos’ I have the same uploading files ?

Could one of you please share the app you see this problem with and tell me how to reproduce it?

@Mark : in a form, several image pickers to upload images to create a carrousel. Column values are named “Image 1”, “image 2”, “image 3”,…

You load successfully the first image, using the image picker. Then you try to load the second image picker and, bam, the upload is done on the first image picker, the first uploaded image is overwritten.

Video :

I guess it’s reproducible easily using a form and image pickers in this form.

Same problem! :raising_hand_man: there are two records rigth now opern one at the end you can upload two kind of files the first one goes fine the second one goes in the same place of the first one I checked the settings and is rigth

It’ll be fixed soon. Thank you all for reporting it!

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Thank you. I confirmed the correction. :heart_eyes:

tks a lot, it seems issue has been solved :grinning:

Glide is absolutely great!