Bug or changed behavior


I am facing a critical bug which may be a changed behavior with relation.

I have a sheet containing 2 columns "level ID " and “previous level ID” to manage categories and subcategories.

The root level as an empty value in the level ID. Child categories (level 1) have so an empty values in the “previous level ID”. For level 2, 3 and so on, bmthese values are not empty (a unique ID is set for each subcategory).

I then have a relation column with configuration : items with value in level ID matches the values in Previous level ID. This relation column is used to determine the successors.

Problem : it was working fine for weeks and even months, but today it does not work anymore with empty values! That means I am no more able to display the predecessors of the root level (no unique ID). The predecessor column relation is empty. Before it contained all level 1 subcategories.

@Mark : any change made on this area? It seems relation column does no more work if the related values are null… Help!

Could you point me to your app, please, and tell me exactly where I can see this bug?

Actually, I can reproduce. Will fix.

This will be fixed in about 30 minutes. Thank you so much for reporting!

Hi Mark,

Sorry for the delaybti answer. Thanks to you for this fix! I was going to change the logic into my app, and replace the empty value by a static value such as root. But if there’s an ongoing fix, I keep my logic as is.

Many thanks again :+1:t2: