BUG: Choice Value doesn't write to data table nor sheet if screen is no longer filtered by signed in user

My app’s URL: https://go.glideapps.com/app/LKaQTUG3pXNscBtcRE8T

@Mark—here’s a fun one for you.

The title for this post is long…sorry. Here’s the context:

  1. Replicate a shopping cart experience without using Glides built-in cart functionality.
  2. Two-factor checkout process
    – using buttons that increment and decrease value to show and hide themselves.
    – using a choice component to show “Complete order” but write “New” in the order status column
  3. When a new value enters the “Status” column, an if-then column no longer displays the user’s email address
  4. The cart tab in my app is being filtered by this if then column being assigned in user so that the only cart items displayed are ones that haven’t been checked out

My logic is sound and everything seems to work except that when I add this layer of filtering the tab by that “if-then signed-in user” column, the choice component never writes the “new” value to the “status column”. It WILL write the new value to the status column if I don’t filter the tab by that “if-then signed-in user” column. Oddly, although the value doesn’t get written to the status column, the logic still works and the tab clears itself. It’s almost as though the filtering by signed-in user breaks the writing of that new value to both the sheet and datatable.

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@Mark: sent video in private message.

What must be happening is that the screen no longer is filtered by signed in user BEFORE it attempts to write the choice component to the row which means that the app doesn’t know to which row to write the value.

I can reproduce it. Will fix. Thank you so much for reporting it!

PS: Neat trick with the Choice!

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Thanks Mark for the attention! Ya, the choice component allowEd me to write to the sheet without submitting a form… I wanted the satisfaction of pushing a button.

This will be fixed by Wednesday.

Appreciate the communication!