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Is there a way to make a button open a tab (from google sheets)? or open data from a google sheet page?
Im trying to add a button within my inline list that will further expand to a page where i have historical prices of items. each category should open its own historical list thru a button called in this case ‘archives’.
thank you
For example in my app:


and then,


once i click on ‘Archivos’ the idea is that a new page opens and i can see historical prices in 2 columns (weeks,prices). For each card i want to have a specific new page with its own historical prices.

You could use «Show new screen» action

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Do you mean opening the Google Sheets itself or an in-app screen where you will show historical prices?

Either way, you should be able to do . If it’s Google Sheets, you can have a “link” column to each of those items, and set an “Open link” action pointing to that column. If it’s an in-app screen, you can try “show new screen” and point to the appropriate sheet/relation.

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thank u for your reply Thinh
Yes i mean, opening an in app screen where i would show historical prices.
(Is there any tutorial i could see that would explain step by step to me this ‘link’ column part)

For an in-app screen, I assume you have a “Historical” table for that purpose. How are you structuring your data? Do you store “Cacao” and “Cafe” historical prices in different tables or just one?

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hi Thinh,
I have one table with all the historical data related tol the categories (cacao, cafe, etc) by week number of the year.


I assume this is an inline list of “Categories” you have here.


Then this is the details view of each of those inline list items, now you’re asking for a way so when users click “Archivos” they will see an inline list of historical prices?

My assumption is you have the “Category” column in your Historical Prices table, then what you want to do is:

  • Add a relation using the “Category” column, from the “Category” table (which you used for the first image’s inline list), to the “Category” column in the “Historical Prices” table. Make that a multiple match relation.

  • Add a “show new screen” action to the “Archivos” button, pointing to the relation above.

  • Configure the new screen as you want (layout, what to show on the items, sorting and so on).


Thank u i will try this.

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Thank you very much worked!

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