Book Appointments at Clinics

My app has a list of 59 clinics. By clicking on one clinic, a new page opens up which provides in-depth information on that clinic. Each of these clinics has such pages. On each of these pages (one page for one clinic), there is a form screen attached to a button. This form screen is for booking an appointment at that specific clinic. The form screen button is associated with a new spreadsheet (name “Book appointment”), and there is a different spreadsheet (name “clinic sheet”) for the clinics’ list and descriptive pages.

The issue is that after submitting the form screen on a specific clinic page, it does not in which clinic that appointment was booked; given that the form is filled on a specific clinic’s page, the appointment is supposed to be booked at that clinic. Is there a way I can connect both these spreadsheets such that the “book appointment” sheet will show what clinic the appointment was booked at?

I hope my question makes sense.

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@Tirth_Patel You need to use screen value from Clinic table to write to Clinic column in Book Appointment table.

In Form screen, you will be able to add values from screen.

Once it is added, you will be able to see it in bottom of component list.

In my case, I am using Client Name/ID to make sure the form is submitted for this client only.


Thanks for replying.

The issue is still not fixed. I am aware of the things under “under from screen.” In the back end, I have two different spreadsheets: one for clinics and one for the form. When I press the form button, the form opens up on the screen. Now, under the values from screen, I can use values that are in the spreadsheet for the form. However, the clinics have a different spreadsheet.

So the issue is that each clinic page has a form button. When a user will open the page for a particular clinic and click on the form button to book an appointment, the appointment should be booked at that clinic. This is what I want to set up. So, in the back end, in the form spreadsheet, I want to see that Mr. X booked an appointment at a Y clinic.

All values from the table of the screen that contains the form button should be accessible as components that can be added to the form. Your form should have access to all value from the Clinic table.

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It would be best if you did not have separate sheets for each clinic… make one sheet with clinic IDs… and one sheet for users… with user IDs… now you can build relations when an event is added (BTW… you can keep both Users and Clinicks in one sheet… plus sheet for booking, with User ID and Clinic ID)