Possible to add/edit same row on a form on two screens?

Hey all,

Just as the title says, I’m trying to create 2 different screens to add/edit the same row for a form.

For example it will go like this:

  1. User selects a doctor from a list
  2. User can click “book the doctor” which will add row for the booking
  3. User fills in their patient info on one screen related for the booking
  4. User fills in more patient info on another screen, still related to booking and confirms.

I’m having trouble setting this up, as it seems like I need to add all the fields on step 2) to add a row into the form.

Hi, spontaneously, why don’t you enter all “generic” & “more” information in the same Form? This would also save you the “confirmation” step since everything would be made in the Form.
You could use "User Profil Columns (special values) to automatically feed the generic information (see picture below), and text entry components for the “more” information.

Macro approach:

1. User profile
→ Tab [User]: columns required for the “generic information” (ex. age, gender, current treatments…), that will be automatically provided in each Booking.

→ Tab [Doctor]: columns to enter the list of Doctors and minimum associated information (ex. address, specialty…)
NB: this is in the case where you enter yourself the list of doctors. If doctors are also users who register themselves, they should probably be in the [User] tab and distinguished from patients with a “type of user” column.

2. Booking
→ Tab: [Booking], including columns:

  • basic text: id booking
  • date: booking creation
  • basic text: user email, first and last name
  • basic text: each column required for “generic patient information”
    nb: if the Patient data are to be integrated in a future Doctor’s Patients database, you should rather use a Relation between [Booking] and [User] (via “user email”), then Lookups on each patient “generic information”. This would allow the possible changes in the [User] generic information to be updated in the Doctor’s Patients database.
  • basic text: “more patient info” column(s)
  • basic text: doctor
  • date: date and time.

→ Screen “Booking”: linked to [Booking] with a Form component linked to [Booking].
The Form includes at least the components:

  • special values: unique id, user email, date (for Booking creation)
  • special values “User Profile Columns” (see screenshot below): first, last name, each generic information
  • choice component, with source being [Doctor]
  • date and time
  • text entry component(s) for “more info”



Hi I will try that first!

The reason why I don’t want all the information in the same page is that, I want the detail page of the doctors on one page first. Then the user can decide whether or not they want to book.

I see. Maybe you could try this.

In your form, below the Choice component of Doctor*

  • create an inline list on the [Doctor] tab
  • filter the inline list by the “Screen” (see picture below) → Doctor name*
  • in the detail view, you can use “Visibility conditions” to show/hide xyz components according to the user (doctor or patient).

(*by the way, probably better to have the First + Last name in the same column via a ‘Template’ computed column to avoid having too much duplicates with the same Name)