Adding another input but on the same line

Is it possible to allow a form to enter data on the SAME LINE as previous? Without having to create a new line?

You can do so in the edit screen. May I ask do you absolutely need a form?

Yes, because I am asking for more information (from another user) but overall it’s one line…

Just add a button with an action “open edit screen”, it will feel like a form but it’s actually writing to the same line.

Thanks for the suggestion. But this would change the “edit” screen all across.
So in case a user who posted a product wants to edit it, now they’ll be adding specific information.

In my case, there is a PRODUCT, and on the same line the 1st user adds their info, then the requester adds their info ALSO on that same line. So you can see there are 2 different forms. But I would like to keep the edit feature as is so that a specific user can edit/delete their own product…

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Is there a way to tell glide to post on the same line the new information entered on this form?

You can try Inline List, and setup it like this:

The thing is, you need to set screen as Details, and Inline List as Cards

Let me sum up your situation to see if I get it correctly.

So you have an “owner” of every row and you want that user to be able to edit their row’s info. You currently have this setup already.

What does the requester do in this case? Do they request something to be added to that line? Can you go into more details regarding this flow?

Yes let me try and clarify it as simply as possible.

So the main sheet lets say is called “Products”

When someone adds (+) a new item the information like Brand name, Photo uploaded, Added by (Name), etc. gets added to that line. OK?

So then a second person wants to inquire about this product, they choose this item and click the “Check this product” form. After filling in their information like Name, mobile number, etc… THEN I would want this information to go on the same line. So to have the product details and the person who requested it all on one line…

The standard is that form 1 enters the info, then form 2 enters the info in the right cells but under the original, which is the problem… not on the same line (two different forms)

Hope that sums it up

A form will always write a new row. That’s it’s purpose, so trying to use a form to edit an existing row just will not work. An edit screen, however, will allow you to edit the same row, but you would have to choose if the user can edit only the product info or only the name info. You can use the same edit screen to serve both purposes with some visibility conditions based on the type of user, or some other conditions. Another option is to create a button with a Link to Screen → ‘This Item’ action, then in that new screen, add entry components to allow a user to enter their name and other information.


Adding to Jeff’s response, what happens if a second user wants to request for the item? Or you just don’t allow it to happen at all?

That’s why I hate “Status” there. If the item is taken then I change it to taken. If in case anything changes then the canceling sets the status to Available again and then the 2nd entry can be rewritten. Not sure if this is all the best way to do it but I think it’s what I could come up with.

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I imagine for your “Claim” flow you can have something like.


Product ID | Status (ITE column) | Relation Template | Claim Relation | Claim First Row | Claim Email

Your claim template will have the format “Product ID - Claimed”. Then it will be used for the relation to link with the Relation Template in Claims table.

Your claim form will write the status “Claimed” to the Claims table by default.

Your claim first row will be a single value, pointing to the first whole row from the Claim relation.

Your claim email will be a lookup from the Claim First Row SV, taking back the email.

Your status column will have a logic like this: If Claim Relation is empty then Available, else Claimed.


Product ID | Email | Status | Relation Template | Product Relation | Claimed Email

Use the product ID to create a relation back to the Product table and return the Claimed Email in a lookup.

Your template here will have the format “Product ID - Status”.

Only the user who has their email the same as “Claimed Email” can change the status of the claim. If they choose to change to Cancelled then the Status of original product will be:

  • Instantly changed to Available if there are no other claims.
  • Kept as Claimed if there are other claims after that first one.

This is to prevent a race condition when two people try to submit at the same time. Only that first one will have the right to change the status, and it passes on to the next one when the first one cancels the claim.


A botton that links to “Link this screen” then “This item” is EXACTLY what I was looking for.
There are some great things with the lower right action list but it’s a little too confusing… Maybe guys can have a second look at that… THANKS for the suggestions!

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